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Questions about detector and number of points.

Question asked by Macree on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by Macree

I have several questions about the detectors and the display points in the PNA-X SA option.First,if number of points is larger than FFT points within the span,how dose the system display the extra points?Where do these points come from?Second,in detector type option,there are seven types available,but I'm not sure what's the Peak Sample and Peak Average.I read the help file ,seems like the system should determine whether there are signals in the bucket or only noise in the bucket.It's very odd because determine a signal as signal or noise based on power seems unreasonable.The last question is whether the detector can do frequency and amplitude correction.For example,if a signal's frequency fall between two FFT bins,dose the detector have the ability to correct it to the signal's original frequency and amplitude?Dose the system use curve fitting to do that?Thanks a lot.