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quantited data

Question asked by marquette0505 on Jul 31, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2009 by marquette0505
I'm working with an HP 8753C Network analyzer to continuously measure the peak frequency of a 5MHz Quartz crystal microbalance[QCm or TSM resonator].I'm using GPIB communication and labview for data collection.My data looks very quantised [discrete] for for small [>100Hz] frequency changes.I have tried changing my span ,number of points,resolution,reference points,also i have turned on averaging,smoothing and have IF BW at 300 Hz.Inspite of this I have not been able to get continous data.Is there some function that I need to activate to  get continous data and also manage to detect small frequency changes?
I would be grateful if you can help me out