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ADS Netlist – export, edit, import/simulate

Question asked by vlin on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by vlin

I am aware of three ways to export a schematic from ADS in a netlist format:

  1. using AEL
  2. Simulate > Generate Netlist
  3. Tools > Netlist Export > Create ADS Front End netlist...


The first two generates the same format, while the last one seems to depend on other options.


To my knowledge, File > Import > Design is the only tool that can import netlist files. However, it seems that none of the above exports can be re-imported into ADS without errors.


Ultimately, I am looking to export a netlist, make design changes to the netlist file, then import the netlist back into ADS (either updating the old schematic or creating a new one).


My question: is it possible to export a schematic in a netlist format then import it into ADS again? Or, any way to simulate a generated netlist could be sufficient. But it would make sense if there was a way to import an exported netlist format.