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How can I create a data based cal kit file for a E5071C ?

Question asked by drkirkby on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by jcresp

I would like to create a data based, (rather than polynomial based) cal kit file for an E5071C. Does the ENA support this?


I have the measured S-parameters of the 6 calibration standards (open, short and load in both sexes) as six Touchstone .s1p files.


From what I can make out, there are probably two steps for doing this on a PNA, but I don't know about an ENA.


1) Convert Touchstone to Citi file. This I can do on a PNA-X, although exactly what format of citi file is needed I am not sure.


2) Convert Citi file to cal kit file. What's the best way to do that for a E5071C?


The ENA is an XP based one, with firmware A.10.06, and I can't update that - certainly not the B firmware anyway, as it does not run Windoze 7, but I  don't think I will be allowed to update it beyond A.10.06.  The E5071C does not belong to me, but I can use it. (The same is true of the PNA-X unfortunately!!!)