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Jumping pulse waveform on MSO-X 3024A while adjusting

Question asked by Johann Glaser on Jun 13, 2017
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The integrated waveform generator (license DSOX3WAVEGEN) on my MSO-X 3024A behaves strangely. When generating a "Pulse" waveform and adjusting the frequency or the pulse width, the generated signal wildly jumps around. I would expect that the waveform steadily follows while I'm turning the knob.


Please see the attached scope screenshot. I setup the waveform generator to a pulse signal with a frequency of 50 Hz and a pulse width of approx. 7ms. Then I connected a BNC cable from the generator output to channel 1 and set to infinite persistance mode. Then I decreased the pulse width to approx. 5ms. I also tried increasing and decreasing a bit with the fine pulse width adjustment.


While I was turning the knob, the pulse waveform often jumped around wildly as can be seen in the persistent waveform. When I stop turning the knob, the waveform stays steady and correct.


Pulse waveform


I saw this problem with firmware version 2.37 and still after an update to the newest version 2.42.


Does anybody else experience these problems?