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PNA-X path problem:WBF and NBF

Question asked by Macree on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by Dr_joel

In IF path configurations,there are wide band filter path and narrow band filter path. The narrowband filter path employs a crystal filter with 30kHz bandwidth centered at 10.7MHz for better signal selectivity, and also adds receiver gating capability for narrowband pulse measurements. But if I execute a spectrum analysis using option 090(SA),dose the system change the path to WBF?In the block diagram it didn't show any WBF's info so I also want to kown the bandwidth of the wide band filter.I think it should wider than the anti-alise filter's band width,because the FFT after ADC will give a 33MHz band on both side of LO frequency,otherwise FFT bandwidth can't get that wide.Really appreciate that.

PNA-X IF path block diagram