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81150A Interpolation and Channel coupling

Question asked by anhchu on Jun 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by LukasM

Dear forum members,

I need to use the 81150A to generate a ramp on one channel and an arbitrary waveform on the other channel. The two channels run in continuous trigger mode. I also need to synchronize or phase lock the two channels so that they starts at exactly same time (meaning for example the trigger outputs of the two channels should be synchronized). There is a coupling mode, where this requirement is possible, but it always put the two channels into a same function (like both must run in ramp function, or in Arb function). How can I still get the phases locked, and 2 different functions?


Another question: The Arb waveform interpolation works well with buttons on the front panel. But there seems to be no way to turn it on with external programming. I tried the :DIG:TRAN: INT command but it does not work (may be because it is for Pattern function only, and not for Arb function). The interpolation is off by default in my 81150A. Can you suggest a way to turn in on by programming? Or is there a firmware update which includes this feature?


Thanks a lot for your help,

BR Anh