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Handheld Meter Logger Software -  external BT 4.0 module for U1177A

Question asked by on Jun 8, 2017
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I am up to exploring connectivity of Handheld Meter Logger Software - by the use of external USB to Bluetooth BT 4.0 module (with BCM20702 chip).

Until now and after all those years I do assume that Handheld Meter Logger Software this is ready to use BCM20702 chip and to detect at least three U1177A.

Primarily this Handheld Meter Logger Software, this needs USB/Bluetooth/ Com port, or USB cable Com port, and then it connects to it.

But in my own application Handheld Meter Logger Software, it should connect to single Com port and then this to make multiple Bluetooth connections.

And now I need to ask the question, and this is if Keysight software developers they have actually test this setup.

Operating system Windows XP, Desktop PC.

My measuring application this is three phase voltage monitor due three U1177A.
By me reviewing every available Keysight information’s documentation about U1177A and similar, there is no documentation as proof, that specific setup it does work.