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Use N5230A to Control Output of E8257D

Question asked by sethf_lexatys on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by sethf_lexatys

Hello, I am new to this equipment, GPIB, and SCPI, but I am trying to write a macro using VBScript for the PNA that will set the output of the sig gen. I have been looking in the PNA Help for ideas on how to make this happen, however, I am a little confused and am hoping someone can help clear a few things up. First, know that I will need to open a GPIB session with the sig gen using something like: p.Parse "SYST:COMM:GPIB:RDEV:OPEN 2,19,100" , but because I am running this on the PNA locally I do not need to open a GPIB session with the PNA, correct? I am drawing this from GPIB Pass Through , but Controll,Talk,Listen using SCPI has me a little confused. After opening the session, I should just be able to parse the SCPI command to set the frequency to the sig gen without needing to do any other setup, right? Also, I am already parsing commands to control the PNA in this macro. Will this cause a problem? My thinking is that it eliminate any issues I will have to open the session with the sig gen, tell it to change frequency, and then close the session before telling the PNA to do anything else, correct?