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AgInfiniiVision: Difference of SystemGetState vs. MemorySave in driver

Question asked by Ever on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by inf_persistence


for a DSOX scope i installed the ivi driver from keysight website driver_ivi_matlab_AgInfiniivision_2_3_9_0_x64.msi)

I am looking for a function to download the current state into a file.

For this i found the functions

/*- Memory */

ViStatus _VI_FUNC AgInfiniiVision_MemorySave(ViSession Vi, ViInt32 Options, ViConstString FileName);
ViStatus _VI_FUNC AgInfiniiVision_MemoryRecall(ViSession Vi, ViInt32 Options, ViConstString FileName);


/*- System */

ViStatus _VI_FUNC AgInfiniiVision_SystemGetState(ViSession Vi, ViInt32 DataBufferSize, ViByte Data[], ViInt32* DataActualSize);

ViStatus _VI_FUNC AgInfiniiVision_SystemPutState(ViSession Vi, ViInt32 DataBufferSize, ViByte Data[]);


What is the difference between the functions in Memory and System?