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N9344C multiple access cause crash

Question asked by AyCey on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by ScottLP

We are using N9344C HSA over LAN with HSA/BSA SW v2.2. There is sometimes unwanted multiple acces attempt to HSA. if a user is allready connected and the second user try to reach hsa both of user cant get any response from hsa until reboot the device. Is there any trick to avoid this problem. I expect a solution like, if someone is allready connected to hsa it should refuse the second connection attempt. My system information is below. Maybe i should perform a SW upgrade i dont know. 


Machine Madule: N9344C
Host ID: F2D30826
MCU Firmware Version: A.05.12(2.2/1)
MCU Firmware Date: Oct 16 2014 16:52:03
DSP Firmware Version:
FPGA Firmware Version: A.02.80
Power Source: Adapter