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How to recognize my old equpiments?

Question asked by Kusumi on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Kusumi

Hello. I need some help about my job.
My Vee program can't recognize my equipments.

I made program on Vee9.32 for controling trque-mator Digital Torque Meter 'TS-3100A' and 'TS-3100B', Both of them are very old.

My trouble is , I can't find those meters on Vee program.

On Instrument Manager, I pushed 'Find' Button, but our trque mators haven't appeared. (other instrument appeard instantly)

I cheched up why it is, and I guess the reason below

Vee maybe use "*IDN?" to find instrumens on Instruments Manager. But my our meters support GPIB 488. Not 488.2 .
That means , they don't react the "*IDN?" and VEE Instrument Manager can't find those.

Then , does someone have idea to find those outdated Torque Meters on Vee program? I need some help.