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Using VNA/PNA at Full BW? What about Tr?

Question asked by climer97007 on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2011 by Dr_joel
I am going to show my ignorance here.
What are the consequences of using a VNA or PNA at full specified bandwidth?
I am measuring insertion loss and return loss.
I am a former time domain guy, and am now doing more frequency domain testing.
Oscilloscopes typically have about 3dB attenuation at max specified BW.
So, it is often required to have 2 to 10x more BW to get accurate amplitude readings.
Can I assume that this is not the case with a VNA/PNA?
Do I need any BW margin for any particular reason?
What typical errors might I expect at full rated BW on a VNA/PNA?
Also, when making risetime transformations, what can I expect from a 50GHz PNA?