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pna-x opt28 noise figure channel conflicting settings

Question asked by rok on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by daras

Hello Keysight,


I'm using the win7 PNA-X with A.10.49.11 firmware, which has both the Opt 28 and Opt 29 noise figure capabilities. I am trying to configure an opt 28 noise figure channel (i.e. use 'NA Receiver'). When I performed the calibration, I select 'Scalar' which grays out the rest of the available options. Then I perform a power cal, a thru connection, and then the E-cal connection. 


However, as you can see from the attached pictures, there seems to be a conflict. In the first picture, if 'NA Receiver (Port 2)' is selected, then the 'Noise Tuner' section should read 'None' instead of 'internal'. From the second picture, you can see that the 'Port 1 Noise Tuner Switch' is set to 'Bypass' and the 'Port 2 Receiver Switch' is set to 'Normal'. So there seems to be some conflict here. I've also attached the .csa file which contains the noise figure channel in question. If your team can investigate and let me know what is wrong and how to fix this, that would be greatly appreciated. 


Note that the way I created the noise figure for converters channel was to select the 'Trace/Chan' menu entry, and then 'Measurement Channel'. From the popup dialog window, I then selected the 'Noise Figure converters' radio button and then clicked the 'New Channel' button. From there, I configured the channel as a option 28 noise figure channel, clicking on 'NA Receiver (Port 2)', '1.2MHz Noise Bandwidth' and setting the 'Averages' to 250. I then modify the noise path configuration to what is stated above already. (i.e. 'Bypass' and 'Normal').