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Question asked by Ruebenn73 on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by abaarson
Dear distinguished ppl of the forum,

I am facing a rather difficult sticky situation with my network analyser.
I have a R &S ZVM and each time i send it to the manufacturer for accredited calibration, i receive a huge bill stating the unit is faulty and so on ...the quotes earlier were reasonable but a few weeks ago, it bombed to a figure very unreasonable so much so , we asked them to resend the unit back without repair.
I have given the task to look for a refurbished Agilent network analyzer for our use and it should be just right..meaning not too old(end of Agilent repairsupport) or not too new(too pricey).
I would like to get some views and suggestions on the models so that i can propose to my management that we can solve the ZVM issue by replacing it with an Agilent model.
Appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance.