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HP8591E TG drift at zero span

Question asked by alan_uy on May 18, 2017
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HP8591E  drift at zero span


Hi everybody how are you?

As the title,  is the problem that I found in my recently acquired SA

Done all self calibration procedure.

  • TG calibration
  • Amplitude Calibration
  • Frequency Calibration




Setting the TG to 10.000 Mhz at zero span


Counter show at list 7.61 Khz out of range.

I found that the frequency are out of set and with constantly drift and randomly frequency jumps.



Taking a superficial look over the SA, I found over the option101(Fast Time-Domain Sweeps and Analog+Display)

5062-7079 board, some interesting signal to show whit the oscilloscope.

As seen on the screen, the scope show some kind of Arbitrary signal with an average of 19.5 Mhz

and 735mv rms

I suspect that the problem coming from the option 101, but I not sure of that.


I uploaded a couple of videos where the problem is clearly seen.


If anyone has seen this problem before, please comment.




Thanks in advance,