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Problem with synchronization for ENA5062A

Question asked by afcec on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Dr_joel


I always use the typical *OPC based synchronization mechanism with all the analisers from Keysight but now I need to work with an old ENA5062A and some of the commands according to the programming guide and the support web are not understood by the device. The FW version is 3.01.


We are trying to configure it to be used with external triggers so we tipically would send:





This *OPC? should be blocking and after the arrival of a trigger the analiser should sweep and send "+1".


However, for this ENA SENS:SWE:MODE SING is not valid so we are using INIT instead, with a previous INIT:CONT OFF but unfortuantely it does not work, *OPC? is not blocking and we lose the required synchronisation.


How should I do it?


Thanks in advance