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Network Analyzer GPIB->USB:  Newbie Questions

Question asked by spidermonkey1187 on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by drkirkby

Good Evening Everyone.  I have just started learning how to communicate with an Agilent 8753ES via GPIB to USB interface, prior to yesterday I did not know what a GPIB interface was, and I have some rather noobish questions that I am hoping for some guidance on. 


I have installed Keysight Connection Expert, LabView, and NI Measurements and Automation. I don't know if I need the two latter software packages.  I also don't really understand what exactly they are or how to use them. 


My initial task is to perform a calibration on the network analyzer and save that cal data over the GPIB interface to a laptop.  That cal data will then also be loaded back to the network analyzer.  Later on when I perform some tests I will need to save that data as well for further analysis. 


Can I do all of this with the Keysight Interactive IO program?  I have the programmers guide and I see the examples but don't know how to load a program and run it within the network analyzer, or even if that is worded correctly.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated!