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"Save screen image" missing data

Question asked by snolsen on May 17, 2017
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I am having trouble using the File->Save->Screen Image function of the MSOS104A. When I select "Waveforms only" the resulting image has a black bar on the left and has cropped out part of the vertical scale labels on the right.


I noticed this problem  while running Infiniium v05.70.00901, and saw in the changelog that for version 06.00.00628 there was a bugfix: "Fixed a problem with screenshots not including vertical scale information in some cases.". I updated the software to version 06.00.00701, and the problem persists. In fact, it got worse as now I also get a black band on the right and bottom when saving the full screen, i.e. not "Waveforms only".


The problem appears whether using the File->Save->Screen Image menu choice, saving locally via ":DISK:SAVE:IMAGe" command or when getting screenshots remotely via ":DISPlay:DATA? BMP,GRATicule" command which was my intended purpose. I need to use these screenshots for documentation purposes and would like to avoid manually editing hundreds of image files. I'm sure the black bars are not a intended feature?


The problem appears regardless of Invert/Normal settings and regardless of the main waveform area size and shape.


Please see attached files for examples, all taken with MSOS104A running Infiniuum 6.00.00701.


Interestingly, in screen.png the border on the right and bottom is white. If I save as .bmp, it is black. In grat.png the "Waveforms only" example is shown, and here the png shows black bands, same as bmp.


Any ideas?


Kind regards,

Snorre Bugański-Olsen