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E4438C - IQ signal on the rear panel

Question asked by flouke on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by thysell

Hi everyone, 


I'm working on the E4438C signal generator and I'd like to generate a QPSK modulation using I and Q outputs located on the generator's rear panel, with a frequency of few MegaHertz (<10 MHz).

And for example I'd like to generate this modulation continuously (like in a while(1) loop) for those bits: 00011011


I've read the Generator User Guide and the output used is always the RF Output...

I've read the following sections: 

User-Defined I/Q Maps - page 183

Using the Real Time I/Q Baseband Generator - page 392


Maybe I've read the wrong sections? 


I'm a undergraduate student and it's the first time I'm to handle such generator. 


Thank you for your help