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'L' Displayed on screen of Keysight E36104A DC Power Supply

Question asked by taser_this on May 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by slinghui

After some time configuring my E36104A DC Power Supply, I noticed the letter 'L' on the lower left of the screen adjacent to the Error indicator area.  I have not been able to find anything, anywhere describing this condition.  


My guess is it has to do with LAN, and if I go into the LAN settings, I see under the menu LAN Fault a message that says 'FAULT Disconnected.'  I do not recall seeing it before I was browsing and setting the configuration menus.  


I am connected to my PC thru USB, and there is no ethernet cable connected.  I see no way to disable the LAN interface, nor a way to clear the LAN fault, if in fact the 'L' on the screen represents this fault.  Before seeing this 'L' I had the original firmware 0.3.3-0.33, and have since upgraded to the current firmware 1.0.5-1.01 hoping there was a new menu feature to disable LAN or clear a LAN fault.  


Can someone confirm this 'L' represents a LAN fault, or what it represents if not this.  And also if there is a way to clear this 'L' on the screen.