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PNA-X N5245A Lab View-driver functions

Question asked by qba662 on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by daras

Hi all,

I am using PNA-X N5245A with Lab View driver( ... id=1857238). I can communicate with network analyzer via GPIB with my PC.



My first question: I am trying to use marker functions such as: reference level, center, etc. I cannot find them in the list of functions of driver. Maybe there are some SCPI commands regarding to this or there is another solution.


My second question: I am trying to use function marker search bandwidth and when I am using this function only via network analyzer( PNA-X N5245A) it is working properly but when i am trying to turn on this function via my PC( driver functions) i get an error: Bandwidth not found. I attached a foto of this.


Thanks for helping.