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pna-x A.10.49.10 calset properties for s param missing

Question asked by rok on May 2, 2017
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Someone in my company noticed that the calset properties for a conventional S-parameter measurement channel  for A.10.49.10  PNA-X firmware doesn't have any more descriptive information such as frequency range, IF BW, power levels, etc. (see attached pna-x a.10.49.10 sparam calset properties.jpg) But it seems that the earlier firmware such as A.10.49.03 still had the information there. (see attached pna-x spur cal firm a.10.49.03_1.jpg). So I'm not sure if somehow that feature got broken in the subsequent firmware updates, or that there needs to be a setting  enabled to get that information for security purposes. If someone from Keysight can provide guidance on this, that would be greatly appreciated.