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6623A USB-to-GPIB control

Question asked by vintageradiobuff on May 1, 2017

I am a hobbyist and I have just acquired an Agilent 6623A triple output power supply. I also purchased an Agilent 82357b USB-to-GPIB adapter in the hopes of controlling the 6623A with my laptop running Windows XP Service pack 3. I have downloaded and installed the Agilent IO suite, and the Command Expert and Benchvue Apps. However, after I purchased the 82357b, I found out that the 6623A is not compatible with the Command Expert program. Not sure if Benchvue will work either. So, what are my options (software-wise) to be able to have my laptop talk to the 6623A? The manual for the 6623A indicates that the 6623A can be controlled by HP series 200 / 300 computers using the BASIC language. However, since the 200 / 300 series are long obsolete, how can I achieve the same functionality using a Win XP laptop?