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Scope 83480A power supply problem ?

Question asked by Tardz on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Tardz

Hi,  two week ago when I wanted to use my hp 83480A, the scope didn't power up...few days before, everything was OK. I suspected that the problem was power supply but:


1- fuse was OK

2- If fan don't running, power supply shut down but, 2 fan was OK et RPM sense too.

3- All diagnostics leds was off.

3- I bought a used working power supply on Ebay to replace it but problem was the same, no power up and fuse still OK.

4- Scope tested without plug-in module.

5- I didn't have short on any output voltage of power supply PCB.

6- Now, I will check if there are short on main board but is not an easy task.


I have service manual but no schematic of power supply or scope. I somebody have an idea what is the problem or a guideline to debug this scope, I will appreciate. I'm looking for schematics of 83480A or 54750A  and power supply Yokogawa  PS495-0101 (hp number 0950-2211).