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BenchVue Causing Instrument Errors and Crashes

Question asked by seen on Apr 27, 2017
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I just installed BenchVeu 2017 on WIN10 x64.  The install worked but now 2 of my 4 Keysight instruments report errors and crash when the PC that runs BenchVue starts up or the web interface is used.  Note I have not installed any Apps for BenchVue.  The web interface to instruments requires Java, which is no longer on any of the browsers I use.


6.5 digit DMM, 34461A, Firmware 2.14,

“Application AGILIENTLXIWEBSERVICE.EXE encountered a serious error and must be shut down.”

The DMM needs to power cycle to make the error message disappear.


4ch Scope, MSOX3054A, Firmware 2.41

“Checking system integrity”

System concerns detected:
* The exception 0xC000 0005 occurred at address 0x4027236C. InfiniVision automatically restarted.

  • The default setup was loaded.
  • LAN VGA option module fault.


I have the latest firmware based on the MyKeysight listing of my equipment.


  1. How do I prevent these errors?
  2. What is the best way to safely remove BenchVue and keep my PC stable?
  3. Do I also need to remove the instrument control bundle to prevent these errors?
  4. I would like to control these instruments with Python 3.x and would appreciate a pointer to related reference material.


Previously before the WIN7 to WIN10 upgrade an older version of BenchVue ran on this hardware.  This software was removed before the WIN10 update.


Thanks for your help with this.



---- details


Keysight_Instrument_Control_Bundle_3.2017,  command expert 1.7.117

BenchVue2017, 2017.0323#DMM, 34461A, errorScope, MSOX3054A, second error