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ENA E5071C do not recognized USB power sensor

Question asked by mirek on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by dk001

I have an issue with ENA E5071C after upgrading firmware (A1.04.00) for the USB U2000A power sensor. The power sensor is not recognized by ENA (IO 15 see it, not ENA firmware). There is no issue with PNA VNAs.

My ENA use XP, and originally I run with with firmware A10.06, and see the issue, so I upgrade to A11.32 (lates i see) and the issue is still not resolve.


I see in release note for windows 7 firmware A13.29 statement : "Bug Fix: *IDN?=”Keysight” is not recognizing with USB Power Sensor"  

Can you please fix that for windows XP version.