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Scaling problem in ReadBaseBandStudioFile in SystemVue 2016.08

Question asked by Amistad on Apr 19, 2017

I found the description for "ReadBaseBandStudioFile" as the following

in " Home > Part Catalog > Algorithm Design Library > Sources Category > ReadBaseBandStudioFile Part "

IQ is represented as a complex value with the I value in the imaginary part and the Q value in the real part. Both I and Q are normalized such that the absolute value of either never exceed unity. However, the IQ can be rescaled with a value that is read from a normalization file. The file name is formed from the Baseband Studio file name appended with ".Normalization.txt". This file can be edited. If such file is not available in the same folder as File, there is no scaling.


But when I read a ReadBaseBandStudioFile without ".Normalization.txt", the imported data is scaled to -1/1 


generated waveform by signal studio 

generated waveform by signal studio


imported waveform by SystemVue without  ".Normalization.txt"

imported waveform by SystemVue



1. WFMCoverter.wsv: systemvue workspace 

2. NB-IoT_Standalone_1x1_0.scp: signal studio project