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AWG recognized on one account and not on another

Question asked by MicheleGriffa on Apr 18, 2017
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Dear all,


I'm facing the current strange problem.

I have a Keysight 33120A AWG connected via a Keysight GPIB-to-USB interface of type 82357B to a 64 bit laptop running on Microsoft Windows Enterprise SP1.

I have on that laptop several accounts for different users.

I have installed the Keysight Instrument Control Bundle and the 33120A AWG is properly recognized by the IO Monitor software.

We are using Matlab and its Instrument Control Toolbox for communicating with the 33120A, uploading on it arbitray waveforms that we create in Matlab.

Everything works fine when working on one account, Matlab cannot find the instrument anymore when run from another account. Both accounts have administrative privileges.

Upon contacting Mathworks, we were suggested to perform the following tests:


1. In Connection Expert go to the IO Monitor, you can find it if you select an instrument or you can find it under "Tools" under the cogwheel icon on the top right.
2. In the IO Monitor, under "Options…" make sure monitoring and displaying is enabled for both "Keysight VISA" as well as "SICL".
3. Click "Start Capturing Messages".
4. In the MATLAB Command Window run the following commands:
instrhwinfo visa
instrhwinfo visa agilent
instrhwinfo gpib
instrhwinfo gpib agilent
5. Switch back to IO Monitor, click "Stop Capturing Messages" and then "Save Messages…" so save the LOG to an XML-file. Please send me this file.
6. Please repeat this for the situation in which things work fine, as well as in the situation where it does not work correctly.

We ran such tests. Attached you find the log XML files, one for each command run in Matlab. The log files obtained from the session on the account where Matlab does not find the instrument are named with a "NotWorkingAccount_" at the beginning.

Mathworks suggests the following:


If we look at the IO Monitor logs, it does not look like MATLAB is doing anything strange or unexpected. MATLAB simply makes a request to Agilent/Keysight VISA (or SICL interface for GPIB) to list the available devices and then the VISA implementation in the one case does return the device but in the other case it simply does not; there is no actual error or anything, it just says there are no devices. MATLAB then obviously also concludes there are no devices available.
We currently have no idea why the Agilent/Keysight libraries for the one user do report back the device while they do not for other users. Our advice would be to contact Keysight Support about this. You can for example share with them the observation that Connection Export itself does see the device but that in the IO Monitor log, Keysight VISA does not return the device in the call to viFindRsrc. Perhaps they have an idea about what could be causing this.


Does anyone have ever had a similar experience? It looks like on one account the Keysight VISA libraries can be used to find the instrument while on other accounts not.

To be noticed is the fact that the Keysight Instrument Control Bundle was not installed from one of the accounts on which the IO Monitor does not find the instrument by the command viFindRsrc.


Thanks to anyone for any possible advice on this issue.


Best regards.


Michele Griffa