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Balun measurements

Question asked by dhamilton on Apr 12, 2017

I have both a E5071B and E5071C (4 ports) that I am trying to use to measure the characteristics of a type B transformer in Dr. Joel's book on Baluns.  My end user feels the analyzers are defective, even though they both have just been recently calibrated.  The both give the same results from what I can measure.  

I am testing 5 MHz to 3 GHz.  I did a full normalization of the instrument.   I connected the device and set what I believe is correct.   The end user stipulates the output load of the transformer is 25 ohms one each output.  I found the menu to set the output ports to 25 ohm but not quite anything else to ensure it is correct.  I could not get the response on both output ports to match in loss which also has excessive ripple per his statement from what he feels it should be.  I believe there is something missing in the measurement setup to give proper results.   I couldn't find a detailed procedure in any manual, datasheet and/or application notes to ensure I have all the correct settings.    Any help would be appreciated.