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How to measure DC voltage in Keysight 34972A Data logger?

Question asked by vt007 on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by tomc

Hi Folks,


I am using 34972A data logger to characterize the power supply I am using in my project. Since I am new to 34972A data logger I request your help in the device configuration.

Let me list the activities I have done so far.


1) Wired the powers supply Power line and ground with channel 101 of 34901A 20-Channel Armature Multiplexer

2) In Agilent BenchLink Data Logger user interface, Selected the right data logger in the " Configure Instrument " tab.

3) In " Configure channel " tab, Selected the channel, function and range

4) For " Scan and Log data " tab, pressed the play button for the measurement.


But there is no change in the voltage in the UI even though I have changed the voltage values in the power supply.

Please let me know what changes I have to be done in the configuration.

Also please let me know if further information required.