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Anyone seen bugs in CAN decode on MSOX3000?

Question asked by cjmontana on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2017 by cjmontana

I was trying to set up to trigger on a CAN ISO11783 Address Claim, this is a data frame with the ID 0x18EE00XX, but never got a trigger. Changing to 0x18EEXXXX will trigger when I force an Address Claim frame, but the scope decodes this to be 0x18EEFFxx instead of the expected 0x18EE00xx.


Capturing the can frames directly off the bus with a CAN adapter verifies that the expected 0x18EE00xx is present on the bus, but for some reason the scope seems to see FF instead of 00.


Setting to trigger on other known frames seems to work and decode fine.


Scope is an MSOX3054T with the DSOXT3AUTO software. Probe is N2818A Differential probe, connected CAN-DIFF H-L.