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Send BARB file to AWG 33522

Question asked by dlock on Apr 11, 2017

I have created an AWG file using Keysigth Benchlink waveform builder.  I have saved the waveform in .barb format and I would like to send the file to instrument using C# command.


I know of I could transfer the file from USB to internal memory, but I would prefer to send the file each time  I need to use.


In production, we use many test stations and  AWG could be removed and replaced with other AWG due to calibration or repair.


I could not guarantee of the waveform .barb will be always on internal memory due to change on production.


On my test sequencer (teststand)  I would like to have program to transfer the waveform file from my PC hard drive to the AWG 33522A each time it's necessary (not present in volatile memory).  I would prefer use the .barb file because the file is smaller and would transfer much faster.


I saw different program for transfer arb file to AWG, but never see a program to transfer barb file to AWG.


Somebody have a method to transfer .barb file to 33522A?