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Convert simple Text into polygon text?!

Question asked by JanM on Apr 7, 2017
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Hello Community,


I am a very beginner with ADS Software (I am using ADS 2016.01). I am using ADS for structuring optical litography masks. So in the end my closed polygons correspond to transparent areas on my quarz mask and everything else will be metallized with chromium. In order for an optical litography mask to be used effectively one needs to label the different structures with Lettes and numbers. And here I need your help:

- How can I add text labels that are polygons? If I just need a text in ADS I can not merge the text label with my polygons (substract, merge intersections, merge union). Is there a way to convert simple text boxes into polygon texts with a linewidth? That would make my layout way more efficient in the end.


Thank you very much


TLDR: Can one create polygon Text, letters, numbers in ADS?