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B2912A current source/measure issue

Question asked by khan001 on Apr 3, 2017



I am using B2912A instrument.

And as you can see in the attached "inputcurrent.png"file that i have given the list sweep current as the input to Channel2 of B2912A.


Channel two force high/low terminals are connected a nonpolar capacitor of 1uF. 


But as you can see that the input current is 50uA peak. But in the output "waveform.png" it shows the current maximum 5uA. 

I repeated the same experiment with the different current input peaks and it shows similar trend of the output current peak. 

As i increase input peak current, output peak current also increases and vice versa.


So, i don't understand what is happening? is this really measuring voltage and current at the same time? and if it is only measuring the voltage then what is the current in the given waveform?