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Problems in recognition of 82357B GPIB-to-USB cable

Question asked by MicheleGriffa on Apr 2, 2017

Dear Keysight experts/developers/users,


I've installed Keysight IO Libraries version 17.2.20818.0 on a laptop running with Microsoft Windows 7.

On the same system, National Instruments' LabVIEW 2016 and NI-VISA are installed.


I have a Keysight 82357B GPIB-to-USB cable which I want to use for communicating via the laptop with a Agilent/Keysight 33120A waveform generator.


I have set the following parameters for in Keysight Connection Expert:


  • at time of installation of Keysight Connection Expert, the National Instruments' softwares were already installed, thus the installation software asked me to set the 32 bit Keysight VISA as secondary, which I accepted.


When I connect the 82357B GPIB-to-USB cable, the led on the cable GPIB end site remains ALL switsched on correctly but only for about 10-20 seconds, after which only the "Ready" green light is switched one.

In the Connection Expert software the USB/GPIB interface is seen but when I connect it to the 33120A waveform generator no instrument is recognized, indipendently on the order in which I connect the cable to the instrument, i.e., either by connecting the switched instrument after the laptop has been switched on or by having the cable already connected to the switched-on instrument when I start the laptop.


Is it likely a software problem which does not allow me to properly recognize the instrument connected to the 82357B cable/interface? If that the case, is there any different configuration which I should use?


Thanks to anyone for any suggestion/hint?


Best regards.


Michele Griffa