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Discussion created by simon_coleby Employee on Mar 28, 2017
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[vrf] VEEOS R1 ready for Users


Hi All


I'm pleased to announce that I finally found some time and the first real release of the VEEOS library is now ready for use. Wander by and go at it!


This is fully compatible with the last trial releases but now has full documentation and many areas that have been cleaned up. There's even a few new features such as a picture viewer, read/write to the system clipboard and an enhanced printer function that allows simple formatting options. When you browse or instantiate VEEOS objects you'll find that the description fields are filled in. And all VEEOS menu picks should now have accompanying examples.


This should be fully compatible with previous VEEOS releases unless you go back to the first Alpha. As such you can install it on top of what you have, though it may be best to remove your older version first. Since only I have tested this so far, there's bound to be some errors, so as you find them please drop me a note.


And of course, please think about what you might like to see worked on for the second release. I have a very long list of items to work on and could use some feedback on what would be of value to you.


Happy VEE'ing




Stan Bischof