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10000reading/second direct to PC?

Question asked by ANNA on Jun 23, 2009
We have bought a Digital Multimeter 34410A few months ago. And now I am programming it to take some measurements from PC.
I am programming with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in C#, and I need to do an application to get 1 sample every 100 usec during 5 min using USB’s communication.
I have currently read 50000 reading from the internal memory. But It would be very grateful to know how can I get 10000 reading every second directly to the PC.
I tried to configured, that:
Display off, immediate trigger, tirgger delay 0, autozero off, autorange off, no math, null off, sample count 1, trig count 1, one interface enable.
But it still take more time than 100usecond/sample.

Can somebody help me please