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8753E Processor Upgrade Questions

Question asked by swperk on Mar 9, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2008 by swperk
My funding for an ENA evaporated, so I am now back to looking at some lower priced options, including the 8753E/ES. I've read that there was a performance upgrade (Option 000) for the 8753E that changed the processor card to a much faster version. I have a few questions:

Were later 8753E VNAs manufactured with the faster processor already installed? If so, is there a serial number (or prefix) where this began?

Other than the missing two buttons on the front panel, what are the differences, if any, between an upgraded E and an ES, particularly in regard to speed, noise floor, directivity, accuracy, and other performance specs?

Is there an easy way to tell whether an E has the faster processor version without opening it up? Ideally, this would be a procedure I could describe over the phone to a seller.