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53151A: Correction table is not changed

Question asked by vpojidaev on Mar 18, 2017

I need to change correction table programmatically.

I send command

and receive answer with correction table 4
#3043 1.00E+09, 0.00E+00, 2.95E+10, 0.00E+00

Then I send command with the same (or other) data
:MEM:DATA CORR4, #3043 1.00E+09, 0.00E+00, 2.95E+10, 0.00E+00

and send command

and receive answer
-200,"Execution error;Type mismatched, parameter 2"

Parameters of correction table 4 (or any other) is not changed.
Use/exclusion of spaces/quotes does not give effect.

What is my mistake?

Thank you


If I change correction table manually by panel - it's Ok.
But I want to do it programmatically.

I'm not found any examples with command "MEM:DATA".