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8753ES - male open coefficients of 85032B differ from the 85032B manual

Question asked by drkirkby on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by mgberry

A look at the cal kit coefficients of the 85032B on the Keysight website

Keysight Cal Kit Page 

shows for any VNA, the coefficients of the male open to be C0=62.14, C1=-143.07, C2=82.92, C3=0.76. Yet in my 8753ES, with the latest firmware (7.74),  the capacitance coefficients are C0=74.576 C1=-914.38 C2=115, C3=-1.3537


Is this difference intentional? I did wonder these coefficients were optimized for a more limited  frequency range of 3 GHz, as this is a 3 GHz 8753ES. But on hearing from others with 6 GHz instruments, those too have C0=74.576 C1=-914.38 C2=115, C3=-1.3537, so that does not explain this.


The offset delay of this standard, is 17.411 ps, both in the firmware of the 875ES and the 85032B manual. It's just the 4 fringing capacitance coefficients that seem different.


All other standards seem to match between the 85032B manual and the 8753ES firmware. But not the male open.