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VSA 89600 Waveform Reacquire

Question asked by dmritter on Mar 13, 2017

I am using VSA 89600 with a M9391A VSA, and M9381A VSG. I am outputting a 80MHz baseband PRBS7 BPSK, about 2GHz carrier from the VSG. I then acquire the waveform from the VSA to VSA 89600 software.


When I reacquire in the VSA 89600 software, the time domain signal's level and phase shifts (polarity shifts, and gain changes by more than 3dB). I am triggering off of the VSG, so it should not shift that much. I have a bad feeling the VSG's ALC (automatic level control) readjusts when the VSA disconnects, and sometimes disconnects improperly. I also looked into the "Preamplifier" setting, and setting the power level in the VSG.


Any way to make the waveform remain the same after reacquiring (disconnect then restart)?