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BenchVue Spectrum Analyzer App hanging on launch, help!

Question asked by on Mar 16, 2017
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Installed BenchVue on Windows 10Pro (64bit) HP laptop. Connected PSA series E4445A spectrum analyser via USB2 cable to USB2 port. I can see spectrum analyser appear in device manager, it appear in the device panel of BenchVue with a green disk with a white tick in it. If I double click on the spectrum analyser icon in the device panel the SA application starts to launch. It just hangs there after that with the progress indicators turning. I waited for over an hour still not finished with launch. The only way out is to kill the application in the task manager. I do not have NI-VISA installed so there should not beany conflict with it. KeySight connection expert see the device and says it is ok.

What do I need to do to get it to work