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8753D, A3 source, 08753-60146

Question asked by BoinFinland on Mar 9, 2017
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Hi gurus,


My good old reliable 8753D died suddenly during normal measurements on a passive filter.
Looking inside the A8 green LEDs were blinking indicating overload.
After some faultfinding I have identified one of the amplifiers inside module 08753-60146 to be short circuit.
Everything else is probably fine.
The module is very cleaverly made so it may be fairly easy to replace the thin film board marked "HI BAND 4 - JPD 12/9/93" if one is careful and have a suitable spare part. See attachment.


Questions for the one who may know:
There are at least four different modules
08753-60231    3GHz - 8753D and ES
08753-60146    6GHz - 8753D and ES (option 06)
08753-60230    6GHz - 8753D with option -11 (external S-parameter test set)
08753-60234    ??


Are all modules including this board I'm looking for or are they tested and sorted differently in production for different spec depending on frequency (3/6 GHz)?


What is differing in the A3 source assembly for option -011?


One more exotic option I may have to resort to is to replace this board with connectorized modules externally if I can guess the spec.


Thanks for any help you can give,


Bo in Finland