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HP 8592A Corr issue etc.

Question asked by 3VXH on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by 3VXH

Hi guys,

I bought an HP8592A with several problems.

I tried to search the service manual and I found all other 85XX versions, nothing about the 8592A.

On power on, the grid with annotations come up with no signal or noise line. I made calibration of Freq, Amptd, YTF, stored all but after restart the problem is the same.

If I switch Corr to Off, noise floor comes up with a 10db step at 12.8GHz and I can measure Cal Output signal.

I suspect the Correction Factors are corrupted and at power on wrong information put the device in that situation.

With no service manual for 8592A I tried the procedures for the others HP85XX in order to enter the service menu. The Preset, Frequency, -37Hz (and -2001Hz), Cal do not work. The passcode is not recognized and after pressing the first More softkey there are not further steps.

Any idea about a way to solve the problem ?