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PNA-X Windows 7  Fast Switching?

Question asked by DavidC on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by daras

I am Setting up the PNA-X to force users to login with Username and Password , and Time out after idling along with a user Lock out for failure on password attempts. It appears the settings on our PNA-X  (Fast Switching disable) preventing users from Switching account locking the PNA to the user that is still Logged in.


I'll like to allow fast switching, to prevent the system from being locked between users, or the logged in user themselves inducing a lockout of there account and forcing a Hard Reset of the machine or waiting a lengthy time for the Lockout to reset.  But I want to verify that there no unintended consequences, since assuming the settings were set to  intentionally prevent multi users logged in at once  and running the PNA Firmware/Application at the same time? Would disabling the auto start of the PNA application and noting with the other users that they can't have the application run twice be enough?


I found this windows 7 Microsoft discussion that seem relevant How to Unlock Windows 7 Enterprise when another user has locked the screen? though the solution is less than ideal running a 3rd party compiled code since the original source is no longer posted.