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Writing pseudo waves to dataset in HB simulation

Question asked by lathos on Mar 1, 2017
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In a perfect world, I would like to write the A1 B1 A2 B2 pseudo waves in a single swept block in a dataset from a HB simulation in ADS before saving as an MDIF. This is to mimic the output of a PNA. However, if I use measurement equations to transform the probed voltages and currents then they are saved as separate swept blocks. I have played with the output tab of the HB controller but as the measurement equations don't appear as named items and are only available in the hierarchy display, I cannot think of a way to fix it.


I believe my options are to either find a way of probing the waves so they are calculated during the simulation, to find out how to manipulate the dataset afterwards, perhaps in the data display, or to write my own separate script to combine the blocks after ADS simulation.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated!