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8753E VNA with 85047A Test Set

Question asked by rob_per on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by rob_per

I have a 8753E (Option 006/011) connected to a 85047A test set (3GHz/6GHz). I'm using a regular parallel cable and not the 08503-60051 cable.


First question: does the test set interconnect cable 08503-60051 have any special feature and can it be replaced by a regular parallel port cable?


The problem I'm seeing is that the test set is not changing the switches when I change from S11 to S22 for instance. The Indicator LED is always in S11/S21. When I turned on the VNA, the Test Set goes to 6GHz mode and the S22/S12 LED is on. Then there is a phase lock error because the doubler is on. Then to disable the doubler, I change the measurement settings to S22 and back to S11, and then I hear that the Test Set changes the switches, the S11 LED is turned on, the S22 LED turns off and the 3GHz LED is enabled (doubler off) and the phase lock error disappears. After this initial power-up, erratic behavior, the test set gets stuck in S11/S21 indefinitely.