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Dynamic Accuracy of NA

Question asked by mcy Employee on Sep 26, 2007
8510C is used in one of our test setups to measure the linearity of the DUT. The dynamic accuracy of 8510C is the main contributor of the measurement uncertainty. The dynamic accuracy of 8510C from -5 to -70 dB with respect to a reference -20 dBm is ranging from 0.012 to 0.06 dB.

8510C is discontinued. We are looking for a substitution. We checked the specification of E8361A option 014. It is not as good as that of 8510C (0.06 to 0.1 dB). It is too big for our uncertainty budget (test limit ~= 0.125 dB).

Any recommendations?

A second question is that does the dynamic accuracy specification applied to both the Test Port and the "RCVR A In" of the test set jumper.

Thank you for any information.