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FY17Q2 HSD Basic miniWorkshop

Question asked by Chih Yuan Tu Employee on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2020 by 迎风516

It is the trend to have higher data rate, lower voltage, and smaller board design. The effects that we used to ignore could lead to design failure, so that signal integrity becomes a hot topic for all high speed digital (HSD) design.
This workshop will cover fundamental background of HSD signal(such as spectrum, Xtalk, and ISI) and practice useful signal integrity simulation skills.
CILD will also be introduced to help engineer design tranmission line with real stackup.

1. HSD Signal Characteristics
2. Introduction to Signal Integrity
3. Useful SI Simulation Techniques
- S-parameter
4. Controlled Impedance Line Deisgner (CILD)